ka'd For Life

1st place winners in Boston's Battle of the Bands........We told ya so!

Ska'd For Life

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"The Story"
A day at Practice


I'm gonna try to get some footage of us on a disk (via mini-disk recorder). Then I'd be able to upload a few sneak peaks onto the site. Look around.

This page is primarily ran by Sean and Matt. This page is new in the making, and will be greatly improved shortly, so visit often. Thanks!

We are interested in buying used equipment, if you or a friend of yours has something that they are trying to get rid of, give us an E-mail.

If you have any songs you'd like to hear us play, e-mail any suggestions to us at...
Email Us: SKAGuitar@skadforlife.8k.com

Ska'd For Life's Guestbook

* This past Friday, Ska'd For Life competed at The Battle of the Bands, and took 1st place! Guess we showed those who doubted us (not mentioning any names).

* Keep your eyes open for a Ska'd For Life/Skavalanche gig in the near future!

* Problem solved in the grammer section.

This is kinda like what we did to those other bands in Newton

Upcoming Appearances

  • TBA : Heather's Graduation
  • TBA : Durfee Talent Show-After the full band, Sean in solo!
  • June? : Arruda's Music Concert
  • June? : Durfee Field Day
  • ?????????Ska'd For Life/Skavalanche??????????

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